Hedgeholme Stud will be strictly adhering to the current Code of Practice for the control of contagious Equine Metritis and other equine reproductive diseases.  In addition, the following precautions and policies are applicable:


a. High Risk Mares. Must have a negative clitoral CEM swab taken before their arrival at the stud.

b. Low Risk Mares. A clitoral CEM swab will be taken from all mares on arrival at stud.  We will therefore not require a swab to be taken before this time.

c. Those mares that have already had a clitoral swab taken prior to their arrival must be accompanied by a Horse Racing Levy Board Laboratory CEM Certificate.

d. Additional swab tests may be taken from mares at the discretion of the Management.

e. Walking In Mares. We will accept low risk mares for walking in provided they have a negative clitoral and cervical swab taken prior to their arrival.  They must be accompanied by the relevant certificates.

2. LIVE FOAL. The nomination fee is payable on the due date to qualify for the live foal concession.

3. As per the nomination agreement, the mare must be available for covering in three oestrus periods. Should the mare return to the owner’s stud before this period a veterinary certificate must be produced stating whether the mare is in foal or not. If the mare is found barren and is not returned to the stud for covering the stud fee will be payable in full.

4. Mares arriving at the stud will be accepted between 7.30am and 6.00pm. Arrivals after this time will not be accepted as it disturbs foaling mares. Consideration will be given to mares travelling from Ireland and abroad.

5. No mare will be covered unless her passport has been checked by the Management.

Boarding Charges

6. Daily boarding charges for mares visiting our stallions during the covering season will be invoiced monthly. Please get in touch for details of our rates.

7. Permanent boarding charges: on application.

Veterinary Care

8. NEWBORN FOALS. Following veterinary advice, we will administer as necessary antibiotic injections for the first 3 days of birth.  In addition, a single injection of tetanus antitoxin will be administered on the 1st day of birth. These will be invoiced by our veterinary surgeon.

9. Unless previously agreed with the Management all mares that have been on a stud where there has been a case of Virus Abortion or neurological signs of Rhino-pneumonitis infection in 2021 will not be accepted on the stud until 5 days or more after foaling, with a healthy foal at foot.

10. All mares will be examined gynaecologically as, and when considered necessary by the Management. Also, the vulva of any mare will be sutured as and when considered necessary.

11. Ultrasound scanning will be routinely used for the early detection of twin pregnancies. All mares will be scanned between 14 and 27 days following covering and most mares will be re-scanned at 36 days. Additional scans may be required.


12. We presume that foal markings have not been taken unless advised to the contrary in writing.  A foal marking form and foal microchip will therefore be completed.

13. In an attempt to achieve maximum fertility, we would be grateful to have as much information as possible.  Therefore, a record of the mare’s oestrus cycle and treatment for the 2021 and previous seasons would be appreciated. We will use Regumate when our veterinary surgeon considers it necessary.

14. Whilst every care is taken during the time the mare or foal is at Stud, no responsibility for any accident or disease is accepted by Hedgeholme Stud.  All horses are therefore boarded at the owner’s risk and we advise that all animals are insured against all risks.

15. The covering certificate will not be issued until the mare’s owner has paid in full the nomination fee, boarding charges and all veterinary fees. Hedgeholme Stud reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 2% per month on all accounts which are outstanding 30 days after dispatch.


Nomination Form

Give Andrew a call or email directly for a Nomination Form.